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heart bullet by Reverrii :iconstrawberryjimjam::iconsammi-arts: heart bullet by Reverrii

- 8/19/2014 -

It's almost weird, I've known you since the third grade. I knew you for a split second, but I never forgot you. Ever. Then we grow up and go to the same school for the same purpose. From then on, you were the one that made me realize my liking for girls. Even though I dated a few people, I always did have a slight crush towards you, just ignored it. When all the drama happened, because I was a fool, I thought I lost you for good and I was okay with that. Accepting why you left and that I royally screwed up. And when you left, so did my feelings. Then a year later, you show back up and I was ecstatic to finally talk to you again. You were my best friend. But, just like what I said before, when you came back, so did my feelings towards you. And I'm honestly surprised you agreed to be with me. Since I have a reputation for being a drama queen. But, you did nonetheless and I'm so glad you did. You've shown me love without trying to talk advantage of me. Just pure, cuddly love. I thank you so much for that. I know we haven't been dating for long, but I don't think that will change anytime soon. I love you so much.
Robu by Emoji-kun

huge nerds

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You all are such great friends. I love you all! <3
(In no order of course ~)

let me stick my dick inside your world

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Welcome to my page !

PC - Sammi-Arts [1/1] by DatAwesomeKrys

About Me

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heart bullet. by valokilljoy About Meheart bullet. by valokilljoy

heart bullet. by valokilljoyName: Samantha or "Sammi" heart bullet. by valokilljoy
heart bullet. by valokilljoyDoB: July 21, 1997 heart bullet. by valokilljoy
heart bullet. by valokilljoyAge: 17 heart bullet. by valokilljoy
heart bullet. by valokilljoyLanguages: English heart bullet. by valokilljoy
heart bullet. by valokilljoySex: Female heart bullet. by valokilljoy
heart bullet. by valokilljoyOrientation: Demisexual heart bullet. by valokilljoy
heart bullet. by valokilljoyRelationship Status: Taken with StrawberryJimJam heart bullet. by valokilljoy
heart bullet. by valokilljoyZodiac: Cancer heart bullet. by valokilljoy

COM: Isabella [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten


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Not looking for attention by The-Orchestra-System
Social Anxiety Disorder Stamp by EryStamps Anxiety Stamp by Spikytastic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Social Anxiety Disorder by KaleidoKittles ST: Anxiety Disorder Awareness by JSTradArt

Just as a forewarning, I have social anxiety disorder and anxiety disorder. I often get stressed out very easily and it makes me think most people hate me, when I know it's not the case. Since my parents will not allow me to get medication so, it can be very destructive to me and sometimes, the people around me. If I don't respond to you on my profile or in my art, it more then likely, has to do with this issue. Please do not think I'm ignoring you or being an ass. Thank you for understanding. <3

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heart bullet. by valokilljoy"What do you use to draw?"heart bullet. by valokilljoy
-I use Paint Tool Sai for my digital work as well as a Intuos4 tablet. If I ever do traditional, I use mechanical pencils, ultra fine tip Sharpies, and regular Crayola colored pencils.

heart bullet. by valokilljoy"Do you do requests?"heart bullet. by valokilljoy
-No and I never will. If I ever do "requests" they're for close friends only.

heart bullet. by valokilljoy"Art Trade?heart bullet. by valokilljoy
-That depends. I don't want to come off as rude, but if I do an art trade, I want the other person to do just as much work as I do. So, I can be kind of picky when it comes to art trades, sorry.

heart bullet. by valokilljoy"How about commissions?"heart bullet. by valokilljoy
-At the moment, no.

heart bullet. by valokilljoy"Can we be friends??"heart bullet. by valokilljoy
-No. That's not how friendships work. Do you ever ask people to be friends in real life? Most likely not. If you want to be my friend, try talking to me.

heart bullet. by valokilljoy"Can I draw your characters?"heart bullet. by valokilljoy
-Sure! No need to ask! I love any gift art I get! I just appreciate that people take the time out of their lives to make me something! <3

Would you guys be mad if I stopped drawing official Sonic characters and focused more on my OC\'s? (I don\'t have the want to draw officials anymore.) 

52 deviants said No.
12 deviants said Yes.


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